Nutritional Supplements

I believe in the benefits of a primordial, evolutionary diet, which is based on the same dietary principles followed by our ancestors. During the 2.6 million years that our Paleolithic ancestors inhabited the earth, they depended upon nutrition from lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. As a result, our ancestors were lean, fit, and free of the chronic diseases that plague our society in epidemic proportions today. Simply put, we didn’t evolve with soda, high-fructose corn syrup, pizza, pasta, cookies, crackers, chips, bagels, rolls, bread, croissants, candy, ice cream, artificial colors, flavors, GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides herbicides, and etc.  And…they’re not needed in our diet.

Diets changed considerably in the space of a few thousand years, owing to the dawn of agriculture and the introduction of cereal grains. Today, a concerted effort is required to avoid highly processed foods containing minimal nutritional value and chemicals with cumulative, adverse effects.

Given that there has been little change in the human genome since Paleolithic times, our nutritional requirements remain similar to those of the Stone Age hunter-gatherers. Thus, a diet that espouses Paleolithic principles — a balanced ratio of low glycemic index carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, vegetables, and essential fats — may be the ideal route to the attainment of robust health, energy, and vitality.

For those individuals who aspire to that healthier way of eating, and who choose to undertake therapeutic lifestyle change in our office, we recommend certain supplements as part of the regimen. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for good quality food; rather, they should be used to enhance the diet by optimizing nutritional wellness and increasing metabolic efficiency. Supplements can also compensate for nutritional deficiencies resulting from the consumption of processed foods with lower nutritional value, or nutrient-depleting lifestyle factors such as stress and chemical exposure.

Why do I recommend the nutritional products that I do?

I want to play an important role in making specific nutritional recommendations to my patients and believe strongly that specific, expert advice is best paired with the best quality supplements that I can provide my patients. Metagenics and Designs for Health are both industry leaders in supplement manufacturing. They are GMP-certified and assure purity and safety in the ingredients they use. Their formulas are scientifically based on proprietary and published studies. Because a person’s health comes first, their supplements are subject to ongoing quality control to assure safety.

If you want to take a health supplement because of a specific condition, you may want to choose a specialized product. Both companies have supplements that are formulated to address certain issues. Please call us with specific questions on general nutritional support, including which products would be best suited for you. Both are professional brands, offered exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients through referral.

For more information on what supplements may be right for you, call us at (860) 379-3372.

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